This is the new pedestrian and bike bridge over the harbour in Copenhagen that crosses from the quay by the National Theatre, at the end of Nyhavn, to Holmen and Christianshavn. The main engineering work is finished although the bridge is not yet open to the public.

This photograph was taken in the late afternoon earlier this week. 

The Opera House is an amazing building but it has stood in rather odd isolation … the new bridge will make it much much easier to get across to the Opera House … a trip that either meant taking the ferry or walking, biking or taking a bus down and across the main bridge and then zig zagging back across a number of islands and bridges. In a very interesting way the angle and gentle wedge shape of the approaches on each side of the bridge pick up the line of the roof of the Opera House to act rather like wings on a stage set creating planes across the view for a stronger sense of depth and position that give the Opera House a more appropriate scale and a better visual relationship to the harbour and the main waterway.

Designed by Studio Bednarski, the Inderhavnsbroerne - the Inner Harbour Bridge - has already been nicknamed the Kissing Bridge by some locals because of the way the two sides will pull apart then move back together to meet in the middle if it is opened for larger boats to pass.