Silica Visions - graduation show 2016


Silica Visions is an exhibition of work by the students who have graduated this summer from the ceramic and glass course of the Danish Royal Academy design school at Nexø on Bornholm.

The quality of the work is impressive but what is so amazing is the diverse approaches to the materials and the extensive experimentation with techniques.

In some, strong sculptural form is the result while in others, with fractured surfaces, the pieces seem close to their origin as minerals while in the work of others, smooth trails of colour or globules of material emphasise and exploit the high temperatures required to produce all these works. 

Obviously, each student is only represented by one or at most a few pieces of their work but does indicate where, right now, their interests are focused and it will be intriguing to track careers and fascinating to see who, if anyone,  moves into commercial design work and who, in the coming years, set up studios or workshops.

Of course the exhibition is not in the Round Tower itself but in the large gallery space above the church and reached from an upper level of the tower. There is generous space to see the works and the natural light from the windows can create beautiful and at times quite dramatic effects.

The catalogue of the exhibition is available as a pdf file.

Jean Thebault

sedimentary cycle

Erika Richter

a story about life and death

Signe Fensholt

objects of use

Helle Øster Steffensen

abstraction of the body

Gamin Choi

dirty talk


Kirsten Vikingstad Storesund



Karina Malling


Kathrine May Holmslykke


Sarah Oakman

the alchemist

Thibaut Varry

impossible vessels


Kitta Christiansen


Sarah Camilla Skriver



Iris-Edda Lappalainen

power of dysfunction

Sisse Lee

beyond question


Rafael Alejandro Zarazúa Rosales

nested memories in an imperfect past, present and future


Rick Gerner

hand  tool  glass


Örk Gudmundsdóttir

beautiful bones


Alex Krissberg

technique, pattern and color

Delfina Maria Solari


Steinunn Hrafnan Hilmisdóttir

ageing / eldast

Bianka Réka Rácz

judge my past


Josephine Mette Larsen

Salomée Ebibi