Cabinet Makers' Autumn Exhibition - Pitch Black October 2016

An astounding exhibition that highlights the huge skill and the boundless and seemingly immeasurable inventiveness of Danish furniture makers and designers. Except of course highlighting is not exactly the appropriate word here as the theme of the exhibition this year is the black line on paper - the draft - and the full title of the exhibition is Pitch Black - shadows and transparency.

Norm Architects have been responsible, as they were last year, for the overall design and arrangement of the exhibition, but they have moved away from the mirror glass and complex reflected light of Øregård, last year’s venue, and created a dramatic setting of shadows and mystery: the works are shown over the two main floors of a 17th-century brewhouse building in Copenhagen with windows covered to exclude all natural light and the massive posts and beams of the structure and the huge sculptures that are permanently on display here are sunk in gloom. The shadows are palpable and become a significant part of the display. 

The forty-eight designs cover an amazing range of styles and explore the potential of many very different materials, from leather to Corian, but above all it is the form and shape of pieces and how they occupy space that is explored most strongly. 



Inderhavnsbænken - Bridging the Gap

designer: Andreas Lund

manufacturer: Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft

material: ash with black stain

Den Lille Sorte Kjolestol - The Little Black Dress Chair

designer and maker: Anne Fabricius Møller

material: wood frame with various upholstery materials and fabrics

Flexible Standard

designer: Carlo Volf, MAA

sponsored by Copenhagen Technical College

material: oak



designer: Chris Liljenberg Lalstøm

material: charred beech, bronzed brass and horsehair



designer: Christina Strand 

sponsored by ES Stålindustri

material: laser-cut sheet steel


Lille spejl på foden der … - Mirror, mirror on the stand …

design: Claus Bjerre

sponsored by Mardam Agentur

materials: ash, felt and mirror


Stabelstol - Stacking Chair

designer: Ditte Hammerstrøm

manufacturer: JM Rør A/S

material: powder-coated steel


Nesting Wall

design: Dögg Design studio

material: wood in cooperation with Pierre Greenway, halyard and wool in cooperation with Halla Ben

Glowing in the Dark

designer: Erling Christoffersen

materials: smoked oak and paracord



designer: Hannes Stephensen

manufacturer: Egeværk

material: ash with black stain



designer: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

manufacturers: GH Form

materials: ash and cast iron


Skyggen - The Shadow

designer: Henrik Ingemann Nielsen

manufacturer: de Place Furniture by Lars de Place Bjørn

materials: wood, textile and iron


designer Henrik Sørig Thomsen

manufacturer:  Godsbanens Åbne Værksteder by Ejvind Post

material: smoked oak




designer: Henrik Sørig Thomsen

manufacturer: Kvist Industries

material: stained oak


Hiding Prosperina

design: Iskos-Berlin and knit designer Karen Honour

manufacturer: JM Rør

materials: steel pipe, knit polyester yarn, plaster casts


Sort Mare - Black Incubus

designers: Henckel & Sievers

material: pine


3 i 1 - 3 in 1

designers: James Stoklund & Sine Ringgaard

manufacturer: Hans Knudsen Instituttet, Aluscan A/S

materials: black anodised aluminium and black-stained oak


Dark Crafts - Relics from a production process

designer: Jeremy Walton

materials: mixed ‘natural’


Black Nest

designers: Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

manufacturer: Cane-line

material: rattan


Arch Table

designer: Jonas Trampedach

manufacturer: Claus Mølgaard

materials lacquered aluminium and oak with black-oiled finish



designer: Leif Hagerup

manufacturer: Barlby Carlsson

materials: steel and oak





designer: Depping & Jørgensen

material: metal pipes and PA GF print


Symfoni - Symphony

designers: Lise and Hans Isbrand

material: ash


Studie i sort - Study in Black

designer: Lovorika Banovic

materials: steel and leather


Lænestol - Lounger

designer: Marie Berri

manufacturer: Anton Balle A/S

material: black-stained ash



designer: Mia Lagerman

material: metal wire



designer: Mia Lagerman

materials: metal pipe and leather


Half Drop

designer: Miriam Forchhammer Brostrøm

manufacturer: Andrea Thorsøe, Stockholm

materials: smoked oak, halyard and cushion in wool and cotton


The Black Box

designer: Mogens Toft

manufacturer: Andrea Thorsøe, Stockholm

material: maple


Darkness Falls

designers: Monique Engelund & Mathilde Witt Mølholm

manufacturer: Anton Balle A/S

materials: steel and Corian



designer: Niels Gammelgaard

manufacturer: Magnus Olesen A/S

material: smoked oak


Forklædt som stol - Disguised as a chair

designer Nils-Ole Zib

manufacturers: upholstery LC Boligmontering, programming Morten Ydefelt and LED by Philips

materials: cotton and steel


Snaregade Bench

designers: Norm Architects & Frederik Werner

manufacturers: Sørensen Læder, upholsterer Louise Vesti Nielsen and smith Toke Bitsch Lauridsen

materials; blackened steel and black leather from Dunes


ABC (A Black Chair)

designer: Peter Johansen

materials steel tubes ‘powder-coated’ wood and veneer


Black Block

designer: Philip Bro Ludvigsen

materials: rotatation-moulded plastic and steel straps



designer: Rasmus B Fex sponsored by Mardam Agentur

materials: fascine, wood and brass



designer: Rasmus B Fex

manufacturer: Genbyg

materials: slate, glass and wood



designers: Rasmus Fenhann & Søren Risvang

materials: recycled Brazilian rosewood and glass


The Vanta Box

designer: Rikke Frost

manufacturer: Godsbanens Værksteder and Glas Gjerulff

materials: powder-coated steel, leaded ornamental glass and black-stained ash


Juvel - Jewel

designer: Steen Dueholm Sehested

material: black oak


Frihed, Lighed og Kærlighed - Freedom, Equality and Love

designer: Søren Ulrik `Petersen

manufacturers: Ejnar P and PP Møbler

materials: Danish hardwood and paper string


Leia - lounge chair

designer: Thomas E Alken

manufacturers: Formatdesign, TL Maskinfabrik Aps

materials: powder-coated metal pipe and braided linen halyard

En Stabel Stole - A Stack of Chairs

designers: Marie Berri & Tinna Sommer

manufacturer: Anton Balle A/S

material: black-stained ash


Tube Chair

designer Torben Skov

manufacturer: Peter J Lassen, Montana

materials: square metal tube and perforated metal sheet



designer: Troels Flensted

manufacturer: Brdr. Krüger

materials: Douglas fir and powder-coated steel



designer: Troels Grum-Schwensen

manufacturer: Egeværk

materials: walnut finished with black pigmented oil and black halyard


Baroque Table

designers: Wednesday Architecture - Lise Bjerre Schmidt & Sofie Trier Mørk

manufacturer: Mikkel Magnussen, Møbelsnedker

materials; maple and steel


Black Hole

designer: Örnduvald

manufacturer: Thyge Braad Hansen

material: terrazzo