Kunsthåndværker Markedet, Frue Plads, Copenhagen


Concentrating on writing up my thoughts on northmodern, I have only just got around to posting a few photographs of the annual Kunsthåndværker Markedet - Craft Market - on Frue Plads in Copenhagen that was there from the 13th to the 15th August. With 124 stalls around the square, the market showed the works of makers from all over Denmark with jewellery, glass ware, ceramics and so on.

Although I’m not a great one for ornaments of any kind, I do admire the works of craftsmen-artists, but, generally, I’m more interested in the practical items of tableware or those pieces that fit in that interesting area between art and industrial design so hand-made glassware or table pottery.


As at last year's market, I was drawn to the work of Anne Mette Hjørnholm, the basket maker from Hjerm, and this year I took a business card from Rasmus Cold … his hand-made frames for glasses are amazing and will be considered when I need to change my reading glasses.


The black and white, tightly-patterned ceramic pieces by Ane-Katrine von Bülow are striking.


What was so impressive again this year was not just the range of crafts on display and not just the high quality of the works but actually the crowds of people who attended a fair spread over three days showing clearly how strong and how popular hand crafts are in Denmark.


Kunsthåndværker Markedet