northmodern … August 2015


To round off a series of posts here about northmodern at the Bella Center this month it seemed appropriate to include a few photographs of the venue and to discuss, briefly, the organisation of the design fair.

The part of the Bella Center used for the fair has three large halls, the central area top lit, and with generous entrance areas, with space for demonstrations of work, and of course there are restaurants, a cafe and there is an open-air terrace or courtyard and areas for the press and an area upstairs for exhibitors to escape to. 

Generally, the stands are organised between main sections that cover clear themes: this year the large main hall was defined as The Room, for the main furniture design; the large central top-lit hall was The Gallery and included a diverse range of displays and the third hall was primarily the smaller manufactured goods and food - I suppose what might be more broadly described as the life style section and not generally covered in reviews on this site. It was, slightly curiously, called Slow Living with ‘Eclectic Atelier’ ‘Wellness’ and ‘Nude Elegance’ although this area included some impressive and well-established design companies such as Playtype.

Again, as in January, there was a full programme of lectures or talks over the three days and a number of other events so a phenomenal amount of organisation.

The official booklet/guide for the fair also includes a section about plans for the general development of the area south of the Bella Center where there will be a new Copenhagen neighbourhood with housing and office buildings and shops and cafes around a number of pedestrian areas. “The basic premise behind Bellakvarter will set it apart from other exhibition venues, by combining a conference centre with a city environment.” 

Back in January there were some suggestions that this new quarter might include workshops and studios for artists and designers so it will be extremely interesting to see how the area develops and evolves over the coming years and how this influences or effects northmodern as it becomes a firmly-established design fair for the region.