alternatives to Stool 60


Stools by Arne Jacobsen at a flea market in Copenhagen

There are alternatives to the Stool 60 but few are actually that much cheaper. 

One option is to buy second hand … so at the moment Abel Sloane of 1934, the English dealer in mid-century furniture, has three stools for £200 that were customised by a previous owner in that distinctly 60s colour of what I think was called Burnt Orange. Or in flea markets in Denmark you can find the metal and wood version designed by Arne Jacobsen called the Dot Stool. 


Stacking stool by Hans Wegner photographed in Designmuseum Danmark


Hans Wegner had a go at designing a comparable stool but for me this is one of his few oddly awkward and unsuccessful designs … far from the stark and completely rational form of the Stool 60 … but I’m not sure how many were made or how often it appears in auctions.

There are modern versions of the stool. Normann make the Tapp Stool for 1,299 Kroner - about £126 - and the interesting stool from Hay, with angled metal legs and a cork seat, is 999 Kroner or just under £100.


Tapp Stool from Normann

Stool from Hay