Finders Keepers at Øksnehallen

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Today - Saturday 24 August - was the first of the two days of the design market at Øksnehallen - the old market hall in the Meat Packing District of Copenhagen that is just to the south and west of the central railway station.

Finders Keepers is a celebration of small independent design companies in Denmark and includes clothing, household textiles, leather goods as well as ceramics and glass and furniture. There are play areas for children and food stalls on the forecourt.

Finders Keepers continues tomorrow 25 August 2019
at Oksnehallen in the Meat Packing District of Copenhagen


Finders Keepers at Øksnehallen

Finders Keepers - a major design fair - is back at Øksnehallen - the exhibition and events hall on the old meat market just to the west of the central railway station in Copenhagen.

Go out of the west end of the station and head for Halmtorvet - the old hay market at the city end of Sønder Boulevard - and the Meat Packing District is on your left.

The design fair will be on Saturday 24 August and Sunday 25 August from 11.00 through to 17.00


Finders Keepers at Øksnehallen in August last year

FindersKeepers at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen


FindersKeepers - the design, furniture and clothing market - at Øksnehallen in the Meat Market district of Copenhagen from 11.00 to 17.00 on Saturday 16 February and Sunday 17 February 2019.



FindersKeepers at Axel Towers


This weekend there was another design market from FindersKeepers - this time in Axel Towers - the new building across the road from the entrance to Tivoli. The market was in two parts that have not yet been occupied so it was quite a good opportunity to see inside what has been a much-talked-about development. Given that this was a main shopping weekend before Christmas there was possibly rather less furniture and more clothes and jewellery and food … hardly surprising as most people must be looking for presents rather than looking to refurnish.


Finders Keepers - 25th and 26th August



This weekend - on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August - the design market Finders Keepers is at Øksnehallen - the main building at the city end on the old Meat Market in Copenhagen. This is a great chance to see and to buy the work from some of the best small independent design companies.

There are food stalls on the square at the front of the market building.

Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers



This weekend there was a Finders Keepers event here in Copenhagen.

It was the usual mix of design, clothing and food and the usual and good mix of small independent companies … this is entrepreneurial Danish design at its best … but it was a rather different set up this time.

Normally there is a single venue - so somewhere like the Locomotive Works or the old Tap1 out at Carlsberg - but this weekend they took over two streets in Nordhavn with the design and the clothing companies inside - in what will soon be fitted out as retail or office space along Århusgade - and food stalls down the narrower side street of Travemündegade that runs back from Århusgade.

There was not much space for chairs for sitting down to eat but the odd bonus was that the smell of cooking and grills and barbecuing - trapped by the buildings - was absolutely incredible although I wonder what the people who have just moved into these apartments thought about it all.

Finders Keepers