Kulturnatten / The Night of Culture on Friday 11 October

Kulturnatten 2019.jpeg

Kulturnatten has been an annual event in the city for 26 years and is on the Friday at the start of the Autumn break for schools.

More than 250 museums, theatres, libraries, churches, government ministries, city institutions, including the city hall and the court houses, and parks open for the evening with special events, displays, lectures and tours to show what they do and why.

There is street food and often drinks and food in the venues themselves. Entrance is free with the culture pass - this year just 95 kroner for adults - and with that pass all public transport around the city is free.

With so many events and spread around the city - from Frederiksberg and through the historic centre and down to Amager - its sensible to look at the programme and plan a route around what you want to see. Nearly everything starts at 6pm and runs through to at least 10pm with many continuing on to midnight or later. It is a huge and popular evening for families and this really is Copenhagen at its best and most open and most friendly.

Kulturnatten PROGRAMME


Live Like Tomorrow

Copenhagen is to host the C40 World Mayors Summit for 2019

The host-city festival - Live Like Tomorrow - will run through four days from Wednesday 9 October to Saturday 12 October with a full programme of events around the city and the harbour that will be a “living lab of sustainable solutions and debates on how we can all step up and start creating the future we want.”

programme of events


the Berlin Wall at BLOX

On Saturday 7th September, to mark the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being dismantled in 1989, a section of the wall that stood on Potsdamer Platz was on display on the square in front of BLOX with a number of associated events.

The section of wall will stay on the square until 22 September and then be moved to other venues around Denmark.

One Wall - Seven Destinations
Golden Days - the Berlin Wall at BLOX

Kulturhavn 2019

Kulturhavn Festival set out in 2001 with three main objectives:

  • To inspire and motivate the audience to engage more in culture and leisure-time by giving them the opportunity to try out new activities and enjoy some sneak previews from the cultural season that lies ahead

  • To familiarise the citizens with Copenhagen Harbour as an urban space, encouraging people, associations, cultural institutions and commercial activities to use and develop this blue urban space

  • To act as companion and a marketing platform for the city's associations and cultural institutions

This year there will be around 230 events and activities including music and theatre on the water; sport from yoga to a “floating water fight” and guided walks and exhibitions.

Kulturhavn Festival
23-25 August 2019.