update on City Hall square

After posting recently about proposals to move the 17th-century Caritas or Dragon's Fountain from it's present site in Gammel Torv in Copenhagen to a new site in centre of the large square in front of the City Hall, I came across a good article on line on the Magasinet KBH site  - Fremtiden på Rådhuspladsen er fuld af træer - Future City Hall Square is full of trees - which has much more information and a plan for the proposed work.

It's interesting to see the wider scheme shown on the drawings because it is not just a plan to move a fountain. When hoardings around the construction site for the new metro station are dismantled, there is a proposal for an extensive planting of trees across the north part of the square. In part the dense planting and some additional trees on the east side will give the large space in front of the city hall a stronger sense of enclosure and will use planting to define a more regular and more rectangular space.

In part this must follow on from the successful redesign of the area to the east of the City Hall - the Vartov Square - with a formal planting of cherry trees that are now well established.

Magasinet KBH is a really good site for information about new buildings and planning proposals in the city with a particular focus on urban space and you can also subscribe to their weekly news letters.

plan of proposals for the City Hall Square from Magasinet KBH