there was an interesting article in the Guardian on line today

'A city with edge': why Copenhagen gives its blessing to illegal skateparks, James Clasper, Guardian 19 December 2016

Not wishing in any way to disparage the city that is now my home but I have never thought of Copenhagen as “a city with edge” … it’s sense of fashion and design has generally seemed too carefully considered to be really cutting edge … to be honest that’s why I like it … but I certainly agree with the bit about tolerant.

Trying to accommodate or at least allow temporary space for skateparks is certainly part of a clear policy for planning in the city where the active use of outdoor space is encouraged and promoted and facilities are spread widely through the different neighbourhoods.

It’s the only city I have lived in where there are skate jams … as opposed to traffic jams that is. On a number of advertised dates through the summer barriers and cones close of streets to all traffic and thousands put on their skates for the evening … and I mean thousands. And being Copenhagen where so many people take exercise seriously then it’s not just a few streets … I seem to remember that for the evening at the end of September the main circuit was about 8 kilometres. 

a main road into the city but free of cars was fine ....

... and then they hit the road works