an “Adidas Original”

publicity photographs from Adidas/Kvadrat and pen portrait from Designmuseum Danmark



… or should that be an Adidas / Kvadrat collaboration with a Stan Smith classic and a Vibeke Rohland original?

Vibeke Rohland, the Copenhagen artist, designed the fabric in 2005 and Squares has been in production by the Danish textile company Kvadrat since 2008 and is available in ten colour ways.

The collaboration between Kvadrat and Adidas was so top secret that even Vibeke was kept out of the loop until the first publicity came out this month. Her reaction? “Cool” Had she no idea at all … well there had been a very weird phone call from the design department at Kvadrat back in February asking what size shoe she wears … it did seem odd for any sort of company publicity material but then she forgot all about it.

Adidas missed a publicity trick as Vibeke can regularly be seen running … and I do mean running … up the harbour from her studio to Toldbod and beyond.

Maybe these sport shoes wouldn’t get past the Wimbledon white-only dress code but for anywhere else they sure beat plain canvas.

The shoes will be available from early July in three different colour ways.

Vibeke Rohland

Squares from Kvadrat