Poetic Pragmatism - POINT at Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri

 POINT was founded in 2013 by Laust Sørensen and Michael Droob who both studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture.

“Our ambition is to create endurable aesthetically pleasing solutions that evoke positive emotions and form the basis for creating memories. We believe this is possible by uniting a pragmatic approach with an elegant architectural solution that brings to life the inherent poetry and the unique attributes of the location and sparks an awareness in the beholder in this precise moment.

… we consider the social aspects to be the primary premise for developing the best possible society.”

The exhibition is tightly or even formally arranged with projects by POINT shown with a single image and below, set on a cube, a 3D printed model. These models emphasise the mass or form of the buildings but also  show the topography of the site - printed as thin layers from map contours so giving the models a slightly detached feel that is curiously remote from anything organic like rock or mud.

Perhaps, the main problem is that this way of presenting the buildings removes any clear idea of materials or surface texture or even colour on the buildings. Although external form is easy to appreciate, for most projects there is little idea of the plan of these buildings or function or organisation and sequence or an impression of the experience of moving through the internal space.

Several of the projects, particularly those for buildings or monuments in gardens, including a proposal for a raised pond at Mindelunden, the war memorial in Hellerup, have a stunning and elegant simplicity and a design for Hellerenhus, a museum site in a gorge at Jøssing fjord in Norway, is both appropriately simple but starkly dramatic.

The POINT studio is in the former drawing offices of the old Burmeister & Wain shipyard at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.


the exhibition is at Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri
until 29 November 2018