Lille Langebro


The four sections of the new cycle and pedestrian bridge have arrived from the Netherlands on a gigantic barge and are being lifted into place … the work started yesterday and it looks as if all the sections will be in place today.

These photographs show what will be the first fixed section from the city side as it was taken off the barge by a huge floating crane and swung across the harbour and lowered into place to be guided down by engineers on the quayside by BLOX and engineers in two small boats by the pier in the harbour. The sections in place, in the photographs, are the first section from the Amager side and the part that swings open on the the city side - general views are photographed here from Langebro.

The bridge will be completed by late summer and then the opening and closing of the swing sections will be controlled from the bridge house on the existing road bridge.

just a couple of thoughts:
It was impressive watching all this play through so quietly and smoothly - sort of flat pack for the the real pro - and I guess they didn’t find there were bits missing when they unpacked it at this end.
More serious though is a rhetorical question …….
… this bridge is all about cycling, here in the city of bikes, but the cyclists are just shifting from one bridge to another. The numbers are pretty amazing - up to 40,000 cyclists are said to cross the harbour each day using the existing bridge - but will Lille Langebro encourage otherwise reluctant cyclists to abandon their car for a bike to travel between Amager and City Hall? It will be interesting to see figures for the bike traffic using the bridge over the next few years.
As new and very substantial infrastructure, this has to be a big debit on the carbon account.

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