Kvadrat for 3daysofdesign


Kvadrat are an interesting design company in terms of branding. Even if you ask people in Denmark who are outside the world of design - and they do exist - most know the name and the fabrics. In England I’m not sure that anyone, outside the business of making or selling furniture, would be able to name the company and not always then or, if given the name, would be able to say what they make which is interesting because nearly every backside in the UK will have sat on a Kvadrat fabric.

At 3daysofdesign, the company made an appearance in many different events throughout the city so the new range designed by Raf Simons was shown at the furniture store Paustian in Nordhavn and featured at Fredericia in the city centre.

At Pakhus 48, Kvadrat’s own showrooms in Nordhavn, there were amazing and fascinating masks designed by GamFratesi using fabric designed by Giulio Ridolfo.


Paustian, Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2

upholstery fabrics by Raf Simons shown at Fredericia




Curated by GamFratesi and organised by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Agency for Culture and Palaces, the exhibition was shown first in Milan in April. There are works here from 17 designers or design studios and the pieces shown are primarily but not exclusively one-off works that demonstrate not only a very high level of craftsmanship but primarily explores the boundaries we impose between craftsmanship, product design and art. 

For many people, crafts and the work of makers implies the production of something utilitarian and is only different from product design in that the pieces are made by hand and in much smaller numbers than commercial or industrial ‘mass’ production. 

Of course that is not true … this exhibition above all tries to focus on the imagination and on the intellectual process of design … the balance between understanding the materials and the techniques to be used but then wanting to push the boundaries - to question, to inform, extend and develop our tastes and challenge our preconceptions about how something should look and even what we want and why and how we use objects that generally are taken for granted. It’s about alternatives and discovering new possibilities. 



the designers:


Anne Dorthe Vester og Maria Bruun

Christina Schou Christensen

Rosa Tolnov Clausen

Freya Dalsjø

Dark Matters

Yuki Ferdinandsen


Ole Jensen


Irv Johnson Music

Marianne Krumbach

Akiko Kuwahata

Cecilie Manz

Nicholas Nybro

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt

Øivind Alexander Slaatto

Henrik Vibskov


Mindcraft16 - Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68, Copenhagen

until 8th January 2017