Danish Design Awards 2019

This week the winners of the Danish Design Awards for 2019 were announced.

There were 14 separate categories including a prize for a "people's choice".

Christian Bason, director of the Danish Design Center, emphasised that the awards "celebrate both the difference that good design can do and makes visible the value Danish design creates at home and in the world."

The categories and winners were:


  • BETTER LEARNING – Nordic Rebels 2018

  • BETTER WORK – Sitecover

  • FEEL GOOD – Flindt Wall

  • GAME CHANGER – The Orb

  • HEALTHY LIFE – Rehaler

  • LIVEABLE CITIES – Xiamen Bicycle Skyway

  • MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD – Kofoeds Skole

  • OUTSTANDING SERVICE – My Digital Care Guide

  • SAVE RESOURCES – Upcycle Studios

  • ICON AWARD – The Velux Window

  • NEW JOBS – Lakrids by Bülow

  • YOUNG TALENT – Maria Viftrup

  • VISIONARY CONCEPTS – EnergyLab Nordhavn

  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Subreader


Short descriptions and photographs of the award-winning designs and the designs of the other finalists in each category are now on the Danish Design Award site.


Danish Design Awards 2019

This design prize is awarded by Design Denmark and the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen.

The awards go back to 1965 but in this form date from 2000 when the Industrial Design Prize and the Industrial Graphic Design Prize were merged.

Finalists were selected by a jury of 15 at the end of February and the Award Show will be at Dansk Industri / Danish Industry or DI at Industriens Hus on HC Andersens Boulevard - close to the city hall - on 13 May 2019.



  •  Better Work

  • Better Learning

  • Feel Good

  • Game Changer

  • Healthy Life

  • Liveable City

  • Message Understood

  • Outstanding Service

  • Save Resources

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