CHART 2019


Walking through the courtyards of Charlottenborg at the end of the week, there was intense activity with work moving forward fast on the construction of the temporary pavilions that are now a main and very popular feature of CHART ART FAIR - the annual commercial art fair in Copenhagen - that will open at Kunsthal Charlottenborg on Friday 30 August and continue through to Sunday 1 September.

The five pavilions are winning designs from a completion at the beginning of the year that was open to postgraduate students or newly graduated architects, designers and artists working in the Nordic region.

As in 2019, commercial galleries for furniture and design and designers and design studios will show separately in CHART DESIGN FAIR at Den Frie - the gallery space close to the railway station at Østerport.

CHART 2019




Education Chair no. 2 by Daniel Svarre 2018


The annual Autumn fair in Copenhagen for contemporary art opened on Friday 31 August and then continues through the 1 and 2 September. CHART celebrates “Copenhagen’s tradition of art, design and architecture, and its values of liveability and inclusion.”

The main venue - with 32 galleries from the Nordic region participating to show paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography - is in the rooms on the first floor at Kunsthal Charlottenborg … the home of The Royal Danish Academy of Art on Kongens Nytorv .

Over the weekend there are also many events including CHART FILMS, CHART TALKS and CHART PERFORMANCES and CHART MUSIC.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg



Chart on day three



Today was the third and last day of Chart - the annual Copenhagen art fair at Charlottenborg.

The range of works on show here is amazing including many well-known and well-established artists. I guess because of its architectural form I liked the balcony - Mind Over Matter III by Elmgreen and Dragset from the Nicolai Wallner Gallery - and I was intrigued by what I take to be a bread fruit bursting through the woven seat of a chair and by the layered cardboard forming incredibly complicated and organic shapes by Martin Erik Andersen.




The fair is popular and always well attended so, even if you are not a buyer, it is a pretty amazing place for people watching.

I couldn’t quite decide how this interview in the courtyard was working - the face of the interviewer appeared on the screen but I could not get close enough to see if the questions were pre recorded or how or if the replies were being recorded …. or rather I didn’t want to get any closer in case I became the next interviewee. I wasn't that curious.


Chart pavilions



This weekend is the Chart Art Fair at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. With the expansion of the Fair to Chart Architecture and Chart Design, five temporary pavilionshave been constructed in the courtyard …..

  • ALGAE DOME by Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wroblewski and Anna Stempniewicz
  • ADAPT by Harry Clover, Jack Cripps, Sebastian Gatz and Fabian Puller
  • STICK BOX by Miki Morita, Suguru Kobayashi and Keita Shishijima
  • PAPER PAVILION by Kazumasa Takada, Yuriko Yagi and Yohei Tomioka
  • SUNDAY TEMPLE by Mia Frykholm and Astrid Gabrielsson 


the Chart Art Fair continues at Kunsthal Charlottenborg through to 3 September 2017