more images of the city in the snow



Just a few more photographs of Copenhagen in the snow.

This view of the recently-completed work on the public square in front of Christiansborg shows the new arrangement rather more clearly than the photographs with the recent post.

The dome of the Marble Church was taken in the middle of the afternoon. It's not the best of photographs but it does show how the snow reduces the buildings and the roof scape to soft outlines in grey and is possibly a better way of judging the shapes and the relationships of buildings without the distraction of colour.

From the courtyard of the palace of Charlottenborg, there is a view out across the square of Kongens Nytorv to the equestrian statue of Christian V at the centre. The soft light and the lack of traffic emphasises the distance across this huge public space - the largest square in the city - and reveals a strong central cross axis in this complex area of large-scale city planning. This square is where the city turns through an angle from the line that runs roughly west to east running across the city through the old city gates - the east gate was on the far side of the square - to a new alignment of the new town - of the grid of streets of Frederiksstaden - laid out through the 18th century with the main streets running out to the north east towards the Kastellet.

The Dursley Pedersen bike in the snow is just a bit of self indulgence … you rarely see them out in the wild and the snow across the road behind emphasises the geometry of that extraordinary frame.