Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman at Frederiksgade 1


Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman have a studio and showroom space on the fourth floor at Frederiksgade 1.

For 3daysofdesign they had a long table with a dark top down the centre of the main room with all the parts from one of their chairs set out … so there were separate slots in the top that took each of the different wires and parts of the steel frame and cut outs for all the pieces of leather for the seat and back and all the straps and rivets that go to make up a finished chair.



Most people, if they think about the design process, will assume that to design furniture then all that is needed is a nice sketch, maybe with colour wash or probably an impressive CAD drawing in 3D with rendering and then maybe a swatch or two of colours or materials … and that's it.

In reality, of course, that at most describes the initial concept phase and usually a huge amount of thought and research and experience and training will have been needed to come up with that concept.

Here, with the chair from Overgaard & Dyrman you see how many parts there are and that the form, and precise details of each part has to be meticulously determined and then you see, with the tools on show, just how much skill is required to make those parts and then assemble a chair.



Overgaard & Dyrman illustrate so well that core strength of Danish design where design and manufacture are in partnership - both disciplines contributing to the creation of the finished work.

Here, of course, the designers are the makers and the makers are the designers so it proves that other maxim that actually the best designs so often come from a complete understanding of the materials and techniques being used and that understanding can never be as thorough or as complete as when it is worked out at the work bench.