open the BLOX


BLOX was opened officially by the queen on Thursday 3 May 2018.

This is the new building for the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) along with the Danish Design Centre, the new BLOX HUB - a place for designers and architects and the design industry to meet potential clients and showcase their work - plus a gym and apartments.

The weekend has a whole series of events that are, in part, for the great and the good although the public with tickets will have a chance to go on tours round the building.

I’ll have a good look around later next week when things get a bit less hectic but first impressions looking round the outside? 

Well I still think that green for some of the glass panels is a bit of an odd colour - sort of radioactive pistachio - and the opaque milky white panels really do look like those plastic Muji boxes … nicely designed but then you wonder what you would use them for.

More serious impressions? The layout and hard landscaping of the square on the city side is too small-scale and bitty. It needs something simpler and stronger and bolder. How about lines of square-cut trees with strictly horizontal under cutting and square across the top as designed by Arne Jacobsen for the City Hall at Rødovre or for the city hall at Landskrona? Basically large square green foliage boxes on sticks.

The ‘playground’ at the corner looks too much like an after thought or a bit like the security enclosure where the builder put his sand and diggers so they were safe overnight. Curiously a bit as if the architects know how to go for ‘fun and funky’ but don’t understand how children play and certainly go more for controlled ‘creative’ than for anything involving imagination … unless of course it’s for the industrialists and designers to have play sessions for bonding like a subdued version of the overgrown toys for boys in tech start ups.  

And its built up too close to the water with a mean board walk across that side - so clearly it’s assumed that anyone following the circuit of the harbour will keep to the road tunnel even when walking or on a bike - and it certainly sticks out too far towards the canal so in an oddly subtle/unsubtle way bullies a presence on the important views down the canal looking towards the harbour.