Frederiksgade 1 for 3daysofdesign


From Store Kongensgade looking towards the Marble Church with the extensive engineering works for the new metro line that will open next year ..... the entrance to the metro station here will be literally on the doorstep of Frederiksgade 1



I've only been in Copenhagen for four years but I have worked out that the place that sums up all that is best about 3daysofdesign is to be at Frederiksgade 1 on the first evening of the event.

The building is a large and ornate apartment building dating from around 1900 that forms part of the framing of the approach to the Marble Church from Store Kongensgade. The key occupant and linchpin is Getama - a company that itself dates back to 1899 when they first made mattresses or, to be more specific, they "specialised in seaweed mattresses." They now manufacture many of the best known designs from the classic period but also have a less-obvious commercial side … less obvious that is to the general shopper who may not automatically call the name to mind but, if they are Danish, will, almost-certainly, have sat on a Getama product as Getama are a major producer of high quality theatre and conference seating.

Getama have the third floor of the Frederiksgade building with a warren of rooms around a central light well.

Climbing up the staircase, the former apartments are now offices and showrooms and studios for a whole community of designers and design companies and here the key word is community.

This is the place where you really feel that at the core of Danish design is not this weird current idea of a Danish design DNA but rather more straightforward ideas like huge commitment, real talent, drive and determination but, overall, a real and obvious passion and enthusiasm for design. 3daysofdesign is when they open the doors to friends and families and colleagues working all over the city. Here for three days it stops being about spread sheets and what comes across absolutely is that great design is life enhancing and to be shared.


Designers and companies based at Frederiksgade 1 include:

&SHUFL; Black Architecture; Brunner Studio; a opo up for danishdesign MAKERS; Fabula Living; File Under Pop; GETAMA; Helle Flou; House of Finn Juhl; Kjær Architecture; KNOTHOUSE; Mia Lagerman; Moore Copenhagen Studio; Overgaard & Dyrman; PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED; Studio Theresa Rand and Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt




It was really difficult to take photos that evening simply because there were so many people.