Creme de la creme


A phenomenal exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark with masterpieces from the museum collection that have rarely or never been shown and emphasises just what an amazing range of arts and crafts and works of the highest quality can be covered by that word design.

There are ornate cabinets; tapestries by Matisse and Léger and posters by Toulouse-Lautrec; ceramics from China; porcelain by Meissen and stunning jewellery and silverware. The breadth of the skills shown by the makers of these objects, working with such a wide range of materials, is breath taking and the quality of the pieces raises fascinating questions about collectors in Denmark and the works hint at just how some of the houses and palaces in the city were furnished.

This is a break from exhibitions that explore a theme or examine the work of a designer and a return to the idea of a museum as a Kunstkammer or cabinet of curiosities. Here, absolutely stunning curiosities.


Creme de la creme continues at Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68, Copenhagen until 27 January 2019