Reffen / The Reef



The food hall and the gallery at Papirøen have closed for the complete redevelopment of the island immediately south of the Opera House in Copenhagen.

A larger version of Papirøen is set to open further out at Refshaleøen … formerly the site of the B&W shipyards and engineering works.

The plan for Reffen is to attract here not just the sellers of gourmet food who were so successful on Papirøen but for this to also be a venue for cultural events and to attract crafts people and design people to not just sell out here but to have their workshops here. There will be a strong emphasis to reduce and reuse - to use local produce to reduce transport and of course recycle or reuse … so there will be a strong environmental agenda.

"The hope is thus to create a new place in Copenhagen that with a sustainable point of departure is a melting pot of amazing experiences that attract and inspire both locals and tourists - a place that can be seen, tasted, heard and felt both locally and internationally."

It will cover a large area - around 10,000 square metres so much larger than Paper Island and they are talking about leases for 10 years so this should become a well-established destination for both people from the city and for tourists.

The plans show three areas … a covered hall in old machine shops, a large market place and an open area  for events on the city side of the huge hall where music events and so on are held.

It is at the end of the harbour ferry line and through the summer there will be direct links from Nyhavn, the ferry terminal by the Playhouse, and tourists boats will also come out here … and of course you can always get here by bike.