Only 81st?


my thanks to KBH Københavns Møbelsnedkeri for this


Hey … come on Copenhagen … what’s gone wrong? Only at number 81 in the ranking of hipster cities of the World.

OK Brighton came in at number one and was followed by Portland but 81st …..

Helsinki came in at a respectable 9th and even Oslo made it to 31st. Barcelona only beat us by a place - in there at 80 - but Copenhagen was only a couple of places above Bournemouth and the last time I went to Bournemouth … well let’s say it’s not the retirement capital of the UK for nothing. At least Copenhagen beat Stockholm who came in as the 99th most hipster city in the World.

My suspicion is that the judges saw that eight out of ten people on the street are wearing a black anorak and didn’t look at the people behind the zip. The food on the square at the centre of the Meat Market could hardly be more hipster - though maybe a bit short on the vegan side if I think about it - and you can't get any more hipster than a cargo bike and those are two-a-kroner in Christianshavn. As for the the hipster criteria including tattoo parlours per thousand of the population - did the judges realise that that was about all there was in Nyhavn in the 1960s?  

Look … I may not wax my moustache but Isangs do a really great range of beard oils that I do use and 81st for a city that has Mikkeller beer. Come on! 

But then ......... just maybe the reason for being down the rankings is like the business of slipping a bit down the table of the most enjoyable cities to live in or happiest cities or whatever it is … maybe suppressing the inner hipster and trying not to smile as you bike round the city keeps the secret ours and keeps those hipster wannabes away.  


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