new buildings for a long-vacant plot


This relatively large rectangular plot at the junction of Ny Østergade and Store Regnegade is in the centre of the historic city. It has been empty for many years and with a high chain-link fence along the pavement it has been used as a car park - the more normal sequence with development in the city is to demolish buildings shortly before building work starts - but work is about to start here on building apartments above shops.

The site is important because it is on the corner of a junction with relatively narrow streets that meet at slightly unusual angles - so just where there is a change of alignment in Ny Østegade and where Store Regnegade curves even abruptly through 45 degrees. Views will not be along the front as on a normal street facade but at an angle so the new building will impinge on street views from all directions and could make or mar the streetscape over a wider area than the plot itself and the immediate neighbours. 


Drawings for the scheme from Praksis Arkitekter can be seen on the Magasinet KBH site.