Chart on day three



Today was the third and last day of Chart - the annual Copenhagen art fair at Charlottenborg.

The range of works on show here is amazing including many well-known and well-established artists. I guess because of its architectural form I liked the balcony - Mind Over Matter III by Elmgreen and Dragset from the Nicolai Wallner Gallery - and I was intrigued by what I take to be a bread fruit bursting through the woven seat of a chair and by the layered cardboard forming incredibly complicated and organic shapes by Martin Erik Andersen.




The fair is popular and always well attended so, even if you are not a buyer, it is a pretty amazing place for people watching.

I couldn’t quite decide how this interview in the courtyard was working - the face of the interviewer appeared on the screen but I could not get close enough to see if the questions were pre recorded or how or if the replies were being recorded …. or rather I didn’t want to get any closer in case I became the next interviewee. I wasn't that curious.