I just don't understand


Generally, there is much much less vandalism in Copenhagen than in cities and towns in the UK so when there is something like this - recent graffiti on Knippelsbro - then it stands out. 

If kids - I presume it is kids - feel they are not listened to or they feel they are marginalised, or deprived or simply not understood … then I’m not sure that this is the best way to communicate. Maybe to sign it with your real name with a contact number or to stand next to it during the day and explain to people why you did this might help … or maybe not.

It’s particularly destructive here because when the graffiti is cleaned off then it also takes off the patina … the copper underneath is good but most people appreciate the soft green colour and that takes up to ten years to come back. 

112 has just appeared on the side of the tower towards the road ... odd because that's the Danish number for calling emergency services so the equivalent of 999.

Is someone actually saying "if you saw anyone doing this then phone the police" ?