Nordhavn … coming together


The trip out to Nordhavn to go to Finders Keepers was a good opportunity to have another look around the new district as most of the apartment blocks are finished and most now occupied and the hard-landscaping is going in now that the heavy construction traffic has left. 

My impression, watching the area go up over the last couple of years, has been that this was a bit of a cladding free-for-all. A sort of me me me look at me approach to designing the buildings but actually it is beginning to come together a bit more as a district. A supermarket, a wine bar and a coffee place had all opened since I was last here. The old harbour buildings have been restored and businesses are moving in as well as residents.

Some of the streets are narrower and more tightly built up than along the harbour below Islands Brygge or in the south harbour area but actually that might be an advantage in protecting the streets from the worst of the weather in the winter … after all this is the North Harbour.

It looked as if many of the Danes visiting Finders Keepers were also taking this as a first opportunity to explore the newest area of housing in the city as many were taking photographs and there was a steady stream of people climbing the staircase to the park on the top of the P-hus Lüders multi-storey car park.



the horizontal, banded brickwork is good ... an interesting take on decorative brickwork from the 19th and early 20th century throughout the city ... a stripped down version that gives the building some texture and a strong tone that sits well with the deep rust-coloured Corten steel used throughout the district for drain covers, rubbish bins and bike stands


the graphics for the car park by Rama Studio are fantastic

and the vertical planting is looking good as everything becomes more established