Dansk on Højbro Plads

For a site that rarely covers fashion, much of Sunday afternoon was spent looking at and thinking about fashion.

Dansk magazine was celebrating 15 years of publication and I caught the last day for their exhibition on Højbrob Plads in Copenhagen with 45 images selected from their archive by Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa - the founders and the creative directors - to reflect fifteen different themes from Symbolism to Fetishism

It raised interesting questions about the role of fantasy and inspiration in design and about the role of style and, more specifically, the role of stylists and photographers in setting trends and, in terms of marketing, for creating a demand … equally true for furniture and interiors though rarely as obvious as here.

It works, in part, because if the magazine challenged you to reassess your preconceptions - by taking their big step beyond a boundary - then a small step by you might not seem unreasonable or quite so daunting.

In an interesting way, it showed how good these outdoor exhibitions can be in engaging people who might not otherwise have seen these photographs and a lot of people stopped and a lot of people stood talking about the images and the outfits and particularly where there was a provocative or controversial juxtaposition of naked and clothed bodies. Most of the costumes were clearly not street fashion - or at least not on the streets I walk along - so it was fascinating to see how people reacted and to overhear what was said when they were discussed on the street.