I don’t often use emojis but …..


Came across these today and they certainly cheered up a grey damp morning in Copenhagen. 

Finland is now the “first country in the World to publish its own set of country themed emojis.”  There are 56 in all and they show a wry sense of humour in explaining some very specific scenarios so it’s fantastic that, for instance, Finland has a word, KALSARIKÄNNIT, to describe getting drunk alone at home in your underwear … and now there is an emoji for it. 

Knitted socks as a symbol for the “feeling of granny-made warmth” is brilliant and the emoji with a well-spaced out line of people at a bus stop to explain a general feeling of being uncomfortable about standing too close to strangers, if you don’t have to, shows a nice sense of self awareness.

Brilliant and useful ....... with grateful thanks to this is FINLAND

all 56 emojis can be downloaded from the this is FINLAND site


The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.

A drink. At home. In your underwear. And there is a word for it. Kalsarikännit.



Back to the basics

In Finland we have this saying ‘to put your brain in the cloakroom’. And that’s what we do in the summertime every Friday after work and in July, when the whole of Finland is out of office. If you try to reach a Finnish person in July, prepare for a voice mail message saying”the person you are calling, has gone fishing”. Almost every tenth Finn has their own summer cottage as there are over 500 000 summer cottages in Finland.



The feeling when you realize winter is here.

Even a Finnish child knows you shouldn’t lick anything made out of metal when it’s freezing outside. But you do it anyway. And then you’re stuck*!
*Ask a Finn how to get your tongue unstuck. Beware. It can get nasty.



Finns respect the privacy and personal space of others, and expect the same in return.

We tend not to sit down next to anyone if another seat is available. When talking to a Finn, don’t stand too close – unless you want to see a Finn slowly edging backwards.