An interesting side light produced for PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED, by the young Danish designer Mette Schelde who has established her studio in Aarhus. On her own web site she has published a manifesto to explain the ethos or approach underlying her work.

The form of the lamp is very deliberately simple and rounded … just three parts with a plain but heavy base that is shaped like an inverted cup to support a round, front-facing, shallow bowl-shaped light reflector and, eccentric at the bottom of the reflector, a plain disc that controls the light including dimming.

The shapes are soft and stripped down - so without any ridges or lips or incised rings or cut back lines to form a plinth and certainly no pattern. That might sound like minimalism but actually, if minimalism still implies something slightly harder and more industrial and possibly more metallic, then this is a very Danish and very current form of soft simplification or soft sculpture. Think the Bottle Grinder for pepper and salt by Norm Architects for Menu or, in upholstered furniture, the Connect Sofa designed by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto.

The Blooper light is reminiscent of the camera flash guns that newspaper reporters used in the 1950s but of course the whole idea of Blooper could not be more different … so certainly not a flash of bright blinding light because the disc of the dimmer hides the LED bulb and the controlled light is thrown softly forward by the reflector. 

Actually this is what makes the light interesting and curious. 

Nearly everyone has pendant down lighters for general lighting of spaces and most have table lamps or desk lamps, that direct light down onto a bed-side table or work surface or shelf, and some even have individual spots for pictures or might have up lighters if they want a bit of drama and some people turn a spot or table lamp to face away to bounce light off a wall but a forward-facing and much more subtle use of a soft beam of ambient light is much more unusual. 

Mette Schelde