the new NOMA


There have been a few rumours and some drawings have been published for the new NOMA in Copenhagen … one persistent rumour being that Bjarke Ingels has been commissioned to design the new restaurant although that is still to be confirmed.

The new site is at the north end of Christianshavn Vold - an arc of water and redoubts that defended the harbour - and it can be reached by walking along Refshalevej from Christiania. The restaurant will look south across the water of Stadsgraven to Dyssen ... the long narrow strip of the outer defence and the only thing that stood between the good citizens of Copenhagen and the Dutch vegetable growers on Amager.

The site is overgrown and feels remote from the city, particularly when compared with the warehouse opposite Nyhavn that has been the home of the restaurant for the fourteen years since it opened. But then at first that building felt, if not remote, then at least a bit of a hike from the centre before the new inner harbour bridge opened last summer - so it is hardly surprising that NOMA did not stay in the old warehouse and hardly surprising that they chose a surprising site.

One web post, speculating about the work planned to convert the existing buildings on the site, described it as an elongated ‘søminendepot’ which I take to mean a store for sea mines … which could explain why there are very few buildings nearby. 

However, although it does feel remote, this is just a kilometre - as the sea gull flies - from the royal palace on the other side of the harbour so, when you leave the restaurant and turn out of the gateway, some months from now, there will be a clear view of the dome of the Marble Church.


from the entrance gate to the site of the new NOMA looking across the harbour to the Marble Church