Design X Change


… a design market held in the courtyard of Designmuseum Danmark on Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st May. 

The focus is on design and sustainability with talks and demonstrations on reusing materials and encouraging people to repair rather than discard things that have broken. There are displays and demonstrations to encourage new strategies for sustainability through design … so that includes how we, as a society have to tackle the rapidly increasing demand for materials by reconsidering our priorities or coming up with solutions that do not, in themselves, accelerate the depletion of limited resources … so there is a display for a student project that explores the possibilities for a service where students, arriving in the city to study, can lease reasonable furniture which they can take with them from one rented apartment to the next and then either upgrade or return as an alternative to buying cheap furniture that is then discarded and there is a project by students from Aalborg University Copenhagen who for a project looked at the specific problem of how to deal with needles discarded into drains by drug users in some areas of the city.

Although there is a growing awareness of the need for us to behave more responsibly as consumers, designers who want to focus on sustainability have a new task … not only do they have to come up with the design solutions but in that process they have to educate and explain to consumers why sustainability is important and how and why these problems should and can be tackled. 

Alongside the displays and stalls there will be demonstrations outside on quilting, a talk on recycling cookware and workshops on repairing toys.