Norwegian Constitution Day

Today was a Norwegian flag day - Constitution Day - and Norwegians in Copenhagen gathered to march to the church of King Haarkon … the Norwegian church just outside the city defences around Christianshavn.

It was a good excuse to take photographs but not obviously much to do with either Copenhagen or with design … but then of course Denmark and Norway are what, in England, would probably be called first cousins once removed - and like all cousins they fight and argue but fiercely defend each other if anyone from outside the family dares to say exactly the same things - and what are national costumes if not very very carefully thought-through design where colours and styles can be different but those variations have to be agreed by everyone or it is just clothing … it is design used for bonding and branding - in the sense of being able to identify others in the same group - and being proud of that bond.

One Norwegian bar in Copenhagen has announced the launch of a new cocktail to mark the day called Bersærker for “praising our viking roots with loads of snaps” which is a slightly different form of bonding.