lettering on Gammel Strand



A good choice of typeface and imaginative graphics, even in prominent use for signs or logos, is often taken for granted - so many people often only register a font if it is clearly wrong or jars in some way - but a good use of an appropriate font not only makes our lives easier - when you are looking for a particular shop in a street or a particular brand in a store - but can enrich our lives enormously.

The sunlight on Gammel Strand in Copenhagen was good this weekend so it was an opportunity to take photographs to show how very different styles of lettering have been used on just a dozen or so buildings over a street frontage of little more than 150 metres ….. so from the name of the street on the pilaster of a corner building to the various fonts used imaginatively by a fish restaurant to plaques that identify interesting residents of the street in the past.  And the signs vary not just in style but in form ... from lettering painted directly onto the stone or on the plaster of the building or painted directly onto the glass of windows to carved lettering, lettering cut from metal and applied and, of course, lettering on the ubiquitous Copenhagen hanging signs.


street lettering in Copenhagen

shop signs in Copenhagen