Pelican Storage

In the Wasteland exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre about the pioneering work of the Lendager group on up cycling building materials there were separate sections on their research on reusing glass or timber or brick and so on and in each section, as well as discussing broad ideas, they focused on a building that illustrates in a more tangible way what they have achieved already or what they are doing with ongoing projects.

For their work on up cycling concrete they showed drawings and plans and a section of shuttering they are using for a new self-storage facility for Pelican where work is now well in hand.

The new unit is at Prags Boulevard, less than 2 kilometres from DAC, so it seemed like a good idea to show photographs of the building itself. 

Concrete from the old paint factory that was on the site has been crushed and reused following demolition. There were some old workshops on the site so new workshops have been incorporated into the new building on the ground level and there is space on the site for 600 square metres of urban garden where locals will be able to grow vegetables.

Lendager on the Pelican building


section at the Wasteland exhibition on up cycling concrete with various samples of aggregate and crushed concrete; trial pieces for the design of the panels for the new building with a full-scale section of the panelling and a model of the self-storage building

shuttering for the large panels of concrete have a stylised pattern of tree branches ... the photograph from below, before the fronts of the entrance and doors to workshops have been inserted, shows the hefty layer of insulation behind the panels because, of course, temperature control to avoid condensation is crucial for a self-storage unit