IKEA pops up on the walking street

IKEA have opened a pop-up store on Strøget - the famous walking street in Copenhagen. They have a coffee stall, a good flower stall and even a DJ and you can see a selection of furniture and light fittings from the Swedish company. 

The store space is between tenants and has oddly exposed concrete walls and the remains of lighting and so on from the previous company where most fittings have been stripped out but actually the groups of IKEA chairs and tables look remarkably good … much better than in the IKEA store. The place was certainly crowded with a lot of curious people so it had a real hum and the lesson seems to be that piling it high and really doing little more than putting storage on display is not necessarily the best way to show furniture … that is absolutely fine when people know what they want and are just in a store to pick up and purchase what they need but not so good if you are looking for a bit of inspiration but actually not good at encouraging you to buy what you didn’t even know you wanted.

IKEA, Østergade 36 (Strøget or The Walking Street) … open until 2nd April