Let's Play

This is the last week to see Let's Play … an exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre that looks at how important it is when physical activities - sport and exercise and play - can move out into the public space of streets, squares and parks and, in Copenhagen, to the harbour and the beaches.

This is not just about when or where people take part in organised sports or how and where they do any form of exercise but it's about how these aspects of life can be encouraged and how people can be encouraged to move these activities outside and, through careful and well-considered planning, how they can become an important and fully integrated part of life in the city.

And it's not just about those participating … it's also about seeing other people do these things and the way that contributes to the overall feeling that a city or town is relaxed and positive about life. And it's about how using public space makes living in a densely built up city pleasant, enjoyable and dynamic.

If you have ever wondered why Denmark seems to appear so often and rank so high in quality-of-life studies and polls you can begin to see some of the reasons in the panels and photographs and videos in Let's Play.


Let's Play, at the Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade continues until 30th September