tonight was the opening of the remodelled design store of Normann Copenhagen



An old cinema in Østerbro has been the headquarters of Normann Copenhagen for over a decade and was a pretty amazing place anyway with a long entrance corridor that cut through the street range to give access to the large high space of the cinema that appears to have been built in what was once a courtyard.

But now the space has been drastically and dramatically remodelled with extensive use of large mirrors, banks of fluorescent lighting, new grey marble counters, marble steps down to the lower level and pink walls and ceilings. A lot of pink. From a soft plaster pink in the main space to a strawberry-ice pink in the basement display area with the staircase down to the basement now carpeted in, you've guessed it, pink and the staircase has been covered over and lined with reflecting metal. It’s all sort of Holywood glamour … or in the words of Normann themselves, on their posters, ‘PINK PERMEATION', ‘BALLROOM BLISS’ and ‘FLUORESCENT FUTURE’.

Normann Copenhagen