Designer Space - first day



This is a smaller venue than for FindersKeepers but Designer Space has a similar mix of designers and makers with furniture, ceramics and paintings and prints and there is a similar crowd ... maybe not quite as young and carefully fashionable but lots of young couples and young families and kids … Danes start taking an interest in this sort of thing at a frighteningly early age.

The building is fascinating as well - a good example of industrial archaeology now with a new role - the Old Pumping Station is south and west of the main railway station in Copenhagen, at the south-west corner of the Meatpacking District and just down the tracks from Dybbølsbro Station … in fact the rail tracks pass on either side of the building.

There are stalls inside the main hall and outside in the yards at either end of the buildings and of course there are stalls for food and drink.

Designer Space continues tomorrow Sunday 4th September