moving the Caritas Fountain

For several years the north part of the large square in front of the city hall in Copenhagen has been a construction site, screened off with hoardings, for work on a new Metro station that is due to be completed here in 2018. 

Until the work started there was a bus station on that part of the square but only some of the bus bays are to return and it has been suggested that when the paved area of the square is restored then the ornate Caritas Fountain - now on Gammeltorv or Old Square, just on the north side of Strøget or Walking Street - should be dismantled and moved to the Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) and a large stone basin reinstated for a grander setting. 

The fountain dates from 1608 and was a gift to the citizens of Copenhagen from the king, Christian IV.


historic map of Gammeltorv, the Old Square, with the fountain and Nytorv, New Square with the old city hall in the centre that was demolished when a new city hall was built