Skagerak in October



I tend to associate the Danish company Skagerak with the summer and with garden furniture but of course they have an extensive range of furniture for inside the house - tables, chairs, bookcases and some really interesting solutions to storage problems - along with a range of household designs including ceramics. My trip to the shop was to look at their Vivlio shelf range - I’ve been buying quite a lot of books recently and started to trip over stacks around the desk so it’s time to look for a better place than the floor to keep them.

It was the first time I had been across to the Copenhagen showroom for quite a few months and was impressed by the changes. The building itself was part of the docks of the Free Port and dates from around 1900 with high ceilings, good architectural features and a really good staircase so it was a pleasant place but the remodelling is certainly very stylish in a sophisticated way.

The design agency All The Way To Paris - founded in Copenhagen in 2004 by Tanja Vibe and Petra Olsson Gendt - have designed several products for Skagerak but have now also restyled the interior of the showroom, the logo of the company and transformed the website and the printed catalogue.



All The Way To Paris