Arne Jacobsen Approach to his Complete Works


Arne Jacobsen Approach to his Complete Works 1926-1949
Arne Jacobsen Approach to his Complete Works 1950-1971
Arne Jacobsen Drawings 1958-1965
Félix Solaguren-Beascoa and published in three volumes
The Danish Architectural Press 2002 (but currently available in paperback) 

A useful catalogue in two volumes of the buildings by Arne Jacobsen set out in their chronological sequence. Each volume has a short introduction and then an entry for each building that puts together, in one place, site plans, where appropriate, and a selection of historic drawings, modern floor plans and sections along with a short description/assessment. Designs that were not, in the end, built are also included.

A selection of drawings are collected together here in the third volume but drawing-office technical drawings are not included. They show how confident and competent Jacobsen was as a draughtsman and include cartoons - with strong heavy and bold line work - sketches - or perhaps more the resolution of ideas for architectural details - sketches from travels abroad and subtle and delicate colour-wash drawings of scenery, historic buildings and plants.