a new year .......


The start of a new year so as good a time as any to plan new things.

The site has now been up and running for more than five years so now it can be difficult to find things and some links may be broken - particularly links to external web pages. A priority over the next month or so will be to check that tags and categories are doing what they should do and to think about ways to index or at least group more posts together. For a start, book reviews and exhibition reviews will be moved into new separate folders so indexing and scrolling through should be easier and faster.

A series of posts, started a year or so ago, on Danish Chairs that were designed in the 20th century will continue with more added to the time line and new photographs will be added to some of the earlier posts where that’s possible.

The cloud of words above is actually links to categories so do try exploring a few. It also shows where maybe I need to cover a bit more … so photography seems to get short shrift as do product design and design stores so maybe that should suggest a few more topics for the coming months. Making a similar cloud for he Copenhagen News side showed that there were some odd inconsistencies so on one side it was glass + ceramics and on the other glass & ceramics so that has been sorted out. The Squarespace software means the cloud above is dynamic so will automatically update if I make any changes. Clever.

What is planned is a new and parallel series of posts on chairs designed and made since the start of this century to look at some of the most interesting … to look at new forms and new styles and, where possible, it might be an opportunity to talk to designers, craftsmen and workshops about some of the background to how these new designs evolved.

There is a longer post about changes on the Copenhagen news side of the blog.