Nytt Rom 59

THE we like it simple… men det er fristende med en dose komfort og luxus ISSUE

THE we like it simple… but it's tempting with a dose of comfort and luxury ISSUE


There is the normal good mix of photographs and brief notes about a wide range of products and furniture including, in this issue, the Beak Chair designed by Ole Wanscher in 1951 and recently back in production by Carl Hansen; the new bar stool by Aurélien Barbry for Fredericia and the Brødrenes F-stol designed by Rasmus Bækkel Fex for the Danish furniture company Brdr. Krüger.

The F Chair is a modern interpretation of the simple style of Shaker furniture with a light frame with thin elegant cross rails and a webbing seat that in original chairs in the 19th century would have been in canvas but here has polyester webbing … a clever use of the type of strapping developed for ruck sacks and robust luggage. There was Shaker store in London for a while - selling reproductions of traditional Shaker designs that had been made in the USA and they sold the canvas webbing so I tried fairly successfully to use it for the seats of two framed chairs I had but it was difficult to keep the webbing tight as I formed the traditional chequerboard weave and it did stretch with use so the polyester webbing seems like an interesting solution.

This issue of Nytt Rom includes the Vivlio Shelving system from Skagerak that has thin metal frames that support a wood shelf that is constructed like an open box with solid base back and ends and come in three heights from a shallow tray, to a medium height shelf to a shelf with high ends and back ideal for magazines or folders. A frame and a single shelf form one unit but these can be stacked up to form a book shelf. The metal frame has cross struts to support the shelf but these can be used either way up - with the cross supports towards the top or towards the bottom of the frame - so the spacing of shelves can be varied and as the frames and shelves come in different colours or finishes then quite interesting variations and combinations are possible.

This issue has some interesting cutlery from the interiors shop Artilleriet in Gøteborg and a simple canister-shaped or straight-sided cup with a generous handle called Tubus in dark grey with white inside from the Norwegian ceramicist Bodil Mogstad Skipnes. These have a generous bold loop of a handle which for me is important because I have quite large hands so I get very frustrated and embarrassed if a finger gets caught in the prissy little loop of a delicate tea cup.

Nytt Rom is the place to get ideas for all the fittings and additional things you need for a home particularly if you are looking for something with a distinct design heritage so in this issue there is a standard lamp by Le Corbusier from the Casa Shop.

There are also, of course, longer features in the ongoing series that profiles the homes of designers, architects and other professionals working in related design industries so in this issue the home of Charlotte Egelund in Frederiksberg; the apartment in Copenhagen of Niels Christophersen of Frama; a lake-side summer home in Sweden by the architectural firm Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor and the home in Stockholm of the architect Johan Arrhov.

All four of these interiors demonstrate, in different ways, that important Scandinavian trick of mixing classic pieces of furniture or classic styles but with a very modern twist but also keeping the whole look simple and uncluttered - clean - using some colour or interesting collected pieces or lamps or textiles to add that luxury or, at least to make it all personal … or as Hans Petter Smeby - the editor of Nytt Rom - points out "do not miss cream on the top, olive in the drink, raisins in sausage and raw decorations … " and he goes on to talk about what appear to be the virtues of fancy model ships, boxing gloves, pictures of butterflies and sumptuous flower arrangements. Now hang on … I moved to Copenhagen to get away from that sort of thing.