Nytt Rom 55

The latest edition of Nytt Rom is out now with the usual good mixture of short notices about new products, current exhibitions, short book reviews and so on and slightly longer pieces about designers or architecture. This month there is a piece on the Urban Rigger, a floating construction from Bjarke Ingels, and several longer pieces with eight-page spreads on specific houses, including two in Copenhagen and two in Oslo … one with a stunning location on a steep wooded slope on the island of Ulvøya just south of the city. 

This is not just about looking at what seems like day dreaming about unattainable design because there is a useful roundup from visits to a couple design stores - i butikkene - that just focuses on a few items “i hyller og skap” - on shelves or in cabinets - so what the magazine editor admits is a completely subjective choice including pieces from Hay and Frama seen in an Oslo store and a Tivoli Chair by the Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen in Danske in Istedgade in Copenhagen. And that’s fine … it strikes me as being as close as any design magazine gets to the way most people shop … seeing something that just stands out and you really like and then wondering, again in the words of the magazine, if it is a timeless investment or maybe just something you can tell yourself you need.