Artzul at northmodern


There seems to be a general perception that all Danish furniture is wood. Pale wood.

At northmodern this year there were designers and manufacturers who clearly defied or ignored the convention, producing furniture in different materials and mixing materials. And, of course, even through the 20th century not everything was made in oak ... there was frequent use of glass and steel for furniture and several designers, notably Poul Kjærholm, produced pieces with a hard precision and, some would say, a severity that technically has more in common with engineering than the work of Copenhagen cabinet makers.

Low tables by Christian Halsted of the Copenhagen design studio Artzul have simple but beautifully-made frames and legs in wood but these support elegant slabs of Italian or Portuguese marble. The Neptune Tables are cubes of brushed steel forming angular and sculptural blocks and the Artica chairs have blocks of Italian terrazzo slotted into a steel base like a stone and metal version of the Rietveld chair.