a new view


I’ve moved. I’ve crossed the water from one side of the harbour in Copenhagen to the other.

And, much to the amusement of the boatmen, quite a bit of the move was done using the harbour ferry to carry paint and lights and bags of tools backwards and forwards because both the old apartment and the new place are within a block of landing stages of the ‘harbour bus’.

Although it’s not easy to balance an aluminium stepladder in one hand and a bucket of mops and brushes in the other while trying to hold a travel card against the card reader to check in and check out, it was certainly easier than trying to carry the same things on the busy metro.

This is the view from my desk … or to be more accurate it’s the view I have if I lean back in my desk chair. In the old place, if I looked up from cooking, I looked straight at the dome of the Marble Church and from my desk there I looked across the Kastellet so, if you know Copenhagen, pretty hard to beat but the new apartment has wide, full-height windows that look straight into the trees of the churchyard and the square is quiet with no through traffic so the hope is that there will be every inducement to sit and think, get through a stack of books that are waiting to be read and, hopefully, to write.

This is all trying to explain why there have been no posts recently but the pause has also been a chance to think about how to move forward with this blog and with the companion site Copenhagen By Design. There will be some changes over the next few months and hopefully more posts … as long as I don’t spend too much time staring out of the window and day dreaming.