how tall is too tall for Copenhagen?

nearing completion - the Bohrstårn from Enghave station by Vilhelm Lauritzen

Mærsk building on the universities Panum site designed by C F Møller


When buildings are tall, they have a serious impact on streets and buildings immediately around, creating shadows across lower neighbours and in some situations they funnel wind and rain in disconcerting ways, but they also have a much wider impact on the appearance and the character of a city and over a considerable area. 

And it’s not just a matter of their height but the impact of tall buildings also depends on the overall baulk of the tower and the colour and tone of facing materials. Obviously, these are less-tangible problems than shadow and funnelled blasts of wind and driving rain … much depends on whether the design is subtle and polite or insensitive, egotistical and challenging. Basically here the problem comes down to one of judging style and taste which can be much more of a problem when a building is very high and very big - when the style of the architecture and the taste of the architect and/or of the client can be imposed on the whole area.  

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