the porcelain collection of Designmuseum Danmark


The display of porcelain at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, closed while the roof of the east range of the building was repaired, has just be re-opened.

The collection includes not just porcelain from the Royal Copenhagen factory that opened in 1775 but porcelain from the earlier works at Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen and at Kastrup on the island of Amager along with good examples from porcelain factories in the Netherlands and France as well as other countries around the Baltic including north Germany.

The quality of the pieces and the variety of tableware items, with so many different functions, reveals much about the life style of affluent middle-class families and aristocrats in Denmark in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ceramics, along with glass and flatware were early examples of high-quality design for large-scale production in a workshop or early form of factory.



food cover made in the Copenhagen factory in Store Kongensgade


tureen from the porcelain factory at Kastrup