Utvalt i Skåne - Form Design Center, Malmö

Gustaf Sörnmo - gustaf@centralasien.org + Petter Thörne - info@petterthorne.se


Utvalt translates as selected and this event is held every three years. About 400 works were submitted and the twenty-four pieces shown in the exhibition were chosen by the jury - Mårten Medbo, a potter, Anna Åhlin, from the association of crafts, and Katja Pettersson, an industrial designer and lecturer. 

All the artists come from Skåne - the southern part of Sweden - but what is striking is the diversity of styles and the different materials used showing clearly the strength and broad base of craft in the region.

The exhibition continues at the Form Design Center in Malmö until 23 August and then goes on tour to several venues including Simrishamn, Helsingborg and, at the beginning of next year, to Hamburg and then to Ronneby.

The works shown below were selected because they seemed most relevant to themes covered on this site but much more information about Utvalt and all the works can be found on their site … utvalt i skane.



Gunilla Maria Åkesson - www.gunillamariaakesson.se



Ola Andersson - Instagram: And_Nils / Luka Jelusic - cudodelubo.wordpress.com



Thomas Anagrius - www.tomasanagrius.com



Jonas Rooth - www.rooth.se



Petter Thörne - www.petterthorne.se



Per Brandstedt - www.brandstedt.se


Cabinet Luftig

Charlie Styrbjörn, Ludwug Berg + Olle K Engberg - www.cabinetluftig.se